Why Jesus


Jesus Loves YouIn a world where there is so much insecurity, a faith in Jesus Christ can offer a wonderful sense of inner peace and security. To embrace the Kingdom values Jesus taught and lived out is a great way of finding a deeper meaning and purpose in life than simply opting for self-centred materialism that so often seems to be a characteristic of our contemporary Western society.

Mary Magdalene’s Church offers a Pilgrim Course, which is a Bible study group that meets up for one hour a week in the Parish Hall to discuss the Bible. This group is open to all people, at any stage of their faith, offering a space to meet in a relaxed environment and explore the possibility of a relationship with Jesus. To find out what dates the Pilgrim Course takes place have a look on the calendar CLICK HERE.

If you do not live in Buckinghamshire, or cannot make it to Latimer each week, then you can find a Bible exploration course near you by clicking HERE.

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